Marilyn: Forever Blonde

"One of the greatest performances of the modern stage!"
~San Francisco Chronicle

"A masterpiece!"
~Mr. Blackwell, Hollywood

"A beautiful singer with exceptional comic timing...Sunny Thompson plays a pitch perfect Monroe, equally magnetic as the naughty sex-pot and the fuming, put upon performer."
~L.A. Weekly

"Heartbreaking...Sunny Thompson's fine blend of charisma, pluck, brains and an always present vulnerability is at times heartbreaking to watch!"
~L.A. Journal

"Amazingly captures the essence of Monroe! Sunny Thompson exhibits an uncanny resemblance to Monroe, not only in her vivacious figure but also in her delicate voice. Portraying an extremely vulnerable woman with such touching sincerity, it is hard to discern where Monroe stops and Thompson begins."

"Sunny Thompson simply is Marilyn. I know that Marilyn Monroe died 45 years ago. I know that. But...No one is going to convince me that the woman that I spent two hours watching on stage last night was not Marilyn Monroe. I saw Marilyn Monroe! Sunny Thompson simply IS Marilyn in a performance that is funny, endearing and totally Marilyn. Extraordinary!"
~Edge Boston

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